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Let web designers design, let IT people manage domain names.

Back in 1995, when most people had never even seen a web site, let alone had Internet access, we were familiarising ourselves with the technology of the web. The Internet was a tool in daily use for us back then and by 1997 we were developing web sites for our small business clients.

The exponential growth in the web that we have all seen since those days is as challenging as it is exciting and now there are many web site designers in the Norwich and Norfolk area that specialise in creating exciting web sites. These businesses are designers, not technology specialists and it those kinds of businesses that should be designing you a good quality web site. We have learned not to compete in the web site design market.

Before you rush off and search for “web site designers in norfolk” on your favourite search engine, a  few words of warning:

Web site designers should be asked to design your web site but should NOT host your domain name, web site, or email services.

The reason that we make this statement is because of our experience. Many web designers feel that they must ‘control’  the domain name and web site hosting because they think the web site is the most important ‘internet’ related aspect of your business. They are in fact wrong: your domain name is the most important aspect because it affects more than your web site.

We’ve seen too many web designers make changes to the a domain names DNS record that have impacted a customers email or other IT related services. Of course none of these events are ever deliberate but it’s the IT support business that has to unpick the problem! Without a properly managed domain name it is not only your web site that could cease to function properly, but your email could too. When your email stops working as a result of a DNS Issue or a mail server issue, who would you rather call to sort the mess out…?

Would you rather be talking to your ‘contact-once-a-year’ website designer with a talent for attractive looking web sites, or computer support specialists that know how your email systems are configured and what services are running that make your business tick on a day to day basis?

By all means have your web site designed by a local firm (and we can recommend some good ones in Norwich) but please let your IT support provider be responsible for the hosting of your domain name.

To discuss web site hosting, domain name hosting, or email troubleshooting, please feel free to call us on 01603 554000