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New NCSA Report Highlights Breach Risk to Small Business

A report issued by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) in the US has highlighted the risk to small businesses.

The survey worked with more than 1,000 SMEs and reports that 10% went out of business, 25% suffered bankruptcy and a further 37% experienced financial losses. Almost half of those surveyed believe they are a likely target for cyber criminals.

Although this was a report on small businesses based in the US, the threat from cyber criminals is of course real for businesses in the UK too.

These are some of the key points made in the report:

  • The majority of small business decision makers believes that they are a target of cybercriminals.
  • Cyber security is a high priority and most businesses have regularly updated cyber security plans.
  • Half of those surveyed consider that smart phones pose just as much cyber risk to their organization as computers do, while an additional third believes they pose more risk.
  • Almost a half of surveyed businesses feel very prepared to respond quickly and appropriately to limit impact of a data breach or cyber security incident, were they to happen today. More than half of businesses have a response plan that they can immediately put into action while a third would be able to fully operate without computers.
  •  A quarter of surveyed businesses have experienced an official data breach within the past 12 months and a third of them have experienced a financial loss, a quarter filed for bankruptcy and 10% went out of business.

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