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Using Internet Explorer…..? STOP NOW and use Firefox Instead.

Internet Explorer still lurks as a browser even in the latest versions of Windows. While many people have installed alternatives, some users still use Internet Explorer as their browser of choice. Our advice is to stop using Internet Explorer so with immediate effect. Delete any shortcuts you may have to the browser and use something else.

As described on the NCSC site here there is a vulnerability in Internet Explorer across all versions of Windows. Microsoft would have you use Microsoft Edge instead but the browser is laughable at best and so we’d much rather recommend you use Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is secure, pretty stable, and privacy conscious. Out of the box your privacy is automatic. For more information on how Firefox SUPPORTS your privacy please go here.

If you have tried Firefox but found it a little unstable (often due to plug-ins rather than Firefox itself) please try the Extended Support Release version. This is a version of the Firefox browser built specifically for the enterprise as opposed to end users – it cuts out bleeding edge developments that can cause instability:

Make sure you choose the English (British) Version!

If you need help switching to another web browser, please call us at IT Norwich now on 01603 554000.