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Important Announcement Regarding Visits & ITMM (RMM) Discounts

As part of our response to the Coronavirus outbreak – where delaying the curve of infection is of paramount importance – we are announcing limits to our on site visits with immediate effect.

Ad-Hoc Support Visits

Where customers have no planned maintenance schedule and benefit only from Ad-Hoc visits, you should expect fewer visits unless there is no alternative but to have an on site presence. In such circumstances our visits will be limited to the bare minimum time required. Where, for example a computer needs to be installed, we might come on site to install a computer but might leave immediately after to do the configuration remotely.

Scheduled Support Visits

Where customers benefit from scheduled support visits, these will now be carried out remotely instead of on site. In other words the schedule will remain the same but the work will be carried out remotely, unless (as described above) there is no alternative but to have an on site presence.

Discounts for ITMM

Most customers already have our IT Monitoring & Management solution in place. This allows us to monitor and protect your systems from a remote location and provide unattended remote support. Where customers do not already have this service we will provide a 40% discount for the rest of 2020 – so a price of £3 per device per month instead of £5 per device per month.

If you have any concerns please let us know by calling 01603 554000.