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Why have you set up Firefox as my default browser and DuckDuckGo as my default search engine?

Every computer we provision is done so with the most reliable version of Firefox (Firefox ESR) as the default web browser, and DuckDuckGo as the primary search engine. This is why…

Why we install Firefox instead of other browsers…

Why we make DuckDuckGo your default search engine and install privacy protection…

  • DuckDuckGo does not collect any personal data, let alone store it. It offers the ultimate in privacy.
  • DuckDuckGo searches return unbiased results that are based on web site content alone, ignoring your previous search history.
  • The DuckDuckGo App or Plug-in for Firefox forces websites to use encrypted connections (if they have one).
  • This helps to secure your data from prying eyes.
  • The tracking blocker prevents advertisers from following your every move, intercepting and discarding tracking cookies.
  • Just because Google is popular, it doesn’t make it right. Google are not necessarily a force for good (here is why) .

A final note…

We are very grateful that you’ve read this page – we’ll be even more grateful if you tried out Firefox and DuckDuckGo as your preferred browser and search engine for a while. Small changes in behaviour like this support our philosophy and make the world a tiny bit better, one search at a time. We do know that there are rare situations where you might need a different browser from time to time and so if you need help configuring one, let us know. Finally , to remove this page from your home pages, open Firefox, select Options, search for home and then remove it from the custom URL window.