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HP ProDesk 400 G4’s go to sleep and do not wake up.

For several months now we’ve experienced issues where some of the HP ProDesk 400 models we’ve sold to customers are going into some sort of sleep or hibernate mode and then they do not wake up. In these situations the only short term fix has been to remove the power cable and then reinsert and reboot. As more users work from home and run a remote desktop session into their work computers, more people are leaving their systems switched on and so we’re getting more support tickets raised that describe this issue.

In all cases we’ve tried inspecting and disabling the sleep settings; in some cases a full Windows reinstall has fixed the issue. In at least one case we agreed to have HP replace a motherboard in an attempt to resolve the fault. Even this did not solve the problem.

More recently we have determined the issue seems to relate to the video drivers. In the first instance, we would recommend updating the video drivers to the latest version by going to the following link (, selecting “Driver-Graphics” and downloading the latest version.

If you are an IT\norwich customer and are experiencing this issue, please raise a new ticket using the method described here. We have noticed that some PC’s already have the driver installed automatically through updates, however reinstalling them manually may fix the issue.