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Acronis Cyber Files DeviceLock Update Borks VirtualBox

Earlier this month we saw an issue where a customers Windows XP based VirtualBox Virtual machine suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason. The exact error on booting the XP  virtual machine was as follows:

“supHardenedWinVerifyProcess failed with VERR-SUP_VP_TOO_MANY_REGIONS: (rc=-5644)”

After a fair while digging around both on the internet and remote sessions to the customers PC trying various fixes, our suspicions fell on Acronis Cyber Files – that it was doing rather more than it needed to. We identified that Acronis had updated a bunch of files in the C:\Program Files\BackupClient\ folder, in particular the DeviceLock folder stood out with the newest timestamps. The quickest fix for this issue was to disable the DeviceLock service and after a reboot the VM booted first time.

When questioned, Acronis engineers said:

“This is a known compatibility issue of Acronis DLP Agent with VirtualBox application. Our RnD team is currently working on it. To solve this issue please apply the following workaround:

Open an elevated command prompt and execute the following command to stop the DLP Agent: “C:\Program Files\BackupClient\DeviceLock\dlservice” -e

Once this is done, apply the reg file (Zipped Here) and reboot the computer.

To be fair we have not yet tried the fix and have left the service disabled and it has no discernable impact on the backups.

Please contact your IT Support Provider before applying this fix in your environment. If you need our support please contact us instead.