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Microsoft update borks PC when printing to some printers.

Over the past week, we have had reports from a number of users that their PC has begun crashing during normal operation, especially when attempting to print files. This issue has been confirmed to affect PCs using Windows 10 version 1903 or later.

Why is this happening?

Last week, Microsoft released two updates for the Windows 10 operating system, KB5000802 & KB5000808. These updates, as confirmed by thousands of users across the globe, cause various issues which cause their PCs crash and “Blue Screen of Death”, or BSOD. A BSOD occurs when the Windows operating system encounters a fatal system error that it is unable to effectively deal with.

What is the fix?

Windows 10 users should uninstall updates KB500802 & KB500808 if they are present, and pause Windows updates for 7 days, and then reboot their machine. We recommend this action is taken irrespective of if the user has experienced crashing, as this will prevent it from affecting them in future.

Do you need more help?

If you need support in removing these updates please contact us in the usual way.

***UPDATE 16TH MARCH 2021***

We have now identified a few articles which suggest that Microsoft have released an update to combat the BSOD when printing issue. The KB numbers are:

KB5001567 for Win10 v2004/20H2
KB5001566 for Win10 v1909
KB5001568 for Win10 v1809 enterprise/education/LTSC 2019
KB5001565 for Win10 v1803 enterprise/education

This update should be found automatically when checking for updates. We anticipate that our RMM service will soon try to install this update automatically, solving the problem for most IT\norwich customers.