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IT\norwich Cloud Backup Customers: We’re Backing up Your Email

Some time ago, the ability to backup Microsoft 365 Mailboxes with the Acronis based IT\norwich Cloud Backup was introduced. Over the last few months we’ve done some trials and are satisfied this feature works as expected. As a result we are now automatically rolling out the service to customers that have the IT\norwich Cloud Backup service installed on a server and also have a Microsoft 365 Tenant.

There is no labour charge associated with the addition of this backup feature, though of course the additional backup requirement will count towards your usage quota and there could be a small impact on your backup quota at some point. The additional backup service includes these features:

Back up Microsoft 365 Teams

Easily and securely back up entire teams, including the team’s name, member list, channels and content, as well as team mailboxes, meetings, and team sites. We can quickly recover your entire team, a team channel or file, team mailbox, folders and messages, as well as meetings and team sites.

Back up Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

Back up Microsoft Exchange Online emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes and calendar. We can easily and quickly recover all the data you need – including the ability to preview email content, download email attachments or send email right from the backup.

Back up Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business

Back up files and folders for Microsoft OneDrive for Business and flexibly recover all necessary data, including access permissions. To further streamline the recovery process, we can download files right from the backup and send them to you for immediate use.

Back up Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

Back up Microsoft SharePoint Online site collections, team sites, communication sites and all access permissions settings. We can granularly recover all critical items and download files directly from the backup if necessary.