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Statement IRO RingCentral Emergency Calling Changes

Where customers have IP based phone systems such as RingCentral, their users are required to enter details as to their physical location whenever they log on to a device in a new location. This is essential so that emergency services will know where to respond to when the emergency number – 999 – is dialled. This is necessary simply because IP based phone systems can be used anywhere in the world, rather than ‘fixed’ to a local exchange like traditional landlines are.

This has always been the case and there are no changes in terms of the importance of this step, though for the reasons outlined here, RingCentral are making changes to the way the “Emergency Response Location” is saved. For more details about this change, please visit this page:

RingCentral Users – You should log on to your RingCentral account at  and ensure your Emergency Response Location is both accurate and kept up to date.

  • The following app versions are required:
    •    RingCentral App – version 21.4.20 or later
    •    RingCentral Mobile App – version 21.3.30 or later
    •    RingCentral Phone App – version 21.3 or later
    •    RingCentral App Classic – not supportedCustomers who don’t update their apps may have issues when attempting to manage emergency addresses from within the apps.

If you do not know how to do this or need further support please either contact RingCentral Support or raise a ticket in the usual way.