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Determine what your DNS records should be for Microsoft 365 Hosted Email

From time to time it is a good idea to do some DNS housekeeping to ensure your DNS is in good shape and we recommend this is done by your IT support provider on an annual basis. Failure to keep on top of DNS management could – at best – mean some systems don’t work as they should. At worst it could present a significant security threat.

At IT\norwich we typically have a strict DNS housekeeping policy (i.e. that DNS should ALWAYS be accurate) but this does require us to manage our customers email platforms on their behalf. If you manage your own email platform then you might need to do this yourself.

This article describes roughly* how to find out what the DNS records should be in order for email associated with your businesses domain name to correctly flow into and out of your Microsoft Tenant. It assumes that you have already had a domain added the the tenant:

  • Log in to your Microsoft Tenant at with the necessary administrative privileges.
  • In the menu bar on the left, select Settings and then select Domains.
  • If the Settings option is not available you may have to press Show All first, or may may not have the necessary administrative privileges.
  • In the Domains section you should see a list of domains associated with your Microsoft Tenant, like that shown below.



  • Click the domain you want to investigate and then press the “DNS Records” option:



  • You should now see the required DNS record and it will look something like this.



  • If we have asked you for your DNS record, this is what you need to send us.
  • Please either copy and paste the text and send it to us – or send us a screen snip – we would prefer if you sent both.

* This is a rough guide. If your domain has not been added or has not been inspected recently then the DNS may have become inaccurate. In this case you may have to choose some other options such as “Continue Domain Setup” but BE CAREFUL as you could potentially stop mailflow if you press the wrong thing. In this case you may prefer us to support and manage your Microsoft 365 Tenant, or let us have a remote session with you to collect this information remotely.