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01603 554000
Office Hours
Weekdays 8:30am to 4:30pm

We’re using 3CX!

As of December 2022 we’re delighted to have replaced our primary phone system with 3CX. We’ve supported it for a few years now and as 3CX resellers have installed this at a number of sites. 3CX is an excellent business communication tool, replacing both traditional on-premise PBX with IP phones, mobile apps and PC software – and also incorporating an internal chat and video conferencing tool. 3CX is based on open standards too so it chimes with our Purpose and Values and is suitable for Open Government. We’ve set up the same call flow but have added an emergency out of hours extension so – if you have a major issue out of our usual business hours – you’ll be able to get through to one of us.


About our hold music…

Are you wondering about our hold music? The music you’ll hear is the theme tune from the The Upstream Podcast. We made a donation to the podcast earlier in the year and we like the music so much we asked if we could use it and of course they said yes! Please consider subscribing to the podcast here.