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Changes in APC SmartConnect

Back in 2017, APC – the manufacturers of the UPS we recommend – introduced APC SmartConnect. This service supplements the on-server PowerChute software and allows us to inspect the status of your UPS through a secure web portal. This innovative remote management interface allows us to receive automatic notifications, deploy firmware updates, and offer advanced support not available using other UPS. This service has changed the way we monitor your power-protected equipment for the better. You can see the original announce for the service at

Earlier this year, APC announced they are “introducing optional cloud service plans for customers who require more advanced features or for Smart-UPS that are no longer under warranty.”

In other words, once your UPS is out of warranty, the APC SmartConnect features we use to support you will no longer be free. For customers that have their own UPS, once your UPS warranty expires, your Smart-UPS will move to a Basic plan. We will be able to view your UPS status online but will no longer receive email notifications, deploy remote UPS firmware updates or have access to remote diagnostics tools. In order to maintain levels of support you’ll need to purchase a SmartConnect Plan.

Although APC are offering a “Standard” plan, we are recommending that all customers renew with the “Advanced” plan as this gives us the ability to remotely power cycle equipment such as servers and switches. Although this is rarely needed, the feature means we can have your users hack up and running sooner in some support situations and at the same time avoid costly site visits.

At time of writing the price for this service is £139 + VAT for three years or £229 + VAT for five years, though we’ll publish up to date prices in our Service Catalogue in due course.