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Cost Predictability: Fixed Fee IT Support is Coming!

You will already know that reliable IT support is essential for managing the computer systems and networks you rely upon; resolving issues and maintaining security are just two examples of what support tasks needs to be undertaken, but when considering support models, the predictability of costs to the customer is an important factor too.

Over the last 10 to 15 years many IT businesses have moved to a fixed fee support model and while we’ve considered doing the same for several years we are very lucky that our existing customers have not expressed strong opinions on the matter. We do give most of our customers a pro-active maintenance service and a good discount – this is one reason why those customers that have stayed with us, but most businesses now prefer a pricing model where the price of support remains stable regardless of the amount of day to day support its users need.

Though we will be keeping our current pricing model for all existing customers that wish to keep it, we are pleased to announce that from Q4 of 2023 we will be offering all new and existing customers the opportunity to choose an IT support model that follows a fixed fee approach instead of our “Managed Ad-Hoc” approach.

The price of the service will be based upon your infrastructure (servers, routers, switches, wireless systems etc) and the number of users you have. We’re not quite ready to announce the detail yet, but this is a first draft of how this will work. More information will follow in due course!

If you wish to express an early interest in this fixed fee model or wish to help us shape its design please give us a call on 01603 554000 so we can talk it through.



A table that shows how different IT support packaged have different features, more detail to follow later in the year.


Predictable Budgeting

One of the most prominent advantages of a fixed fee IT support model is its predictability. The business knows more accurately what it will pay each month, making it easy to budget for IT services.

Increased Proactivity

Fixed fee IT support services tend to be more proactive in their approach, continually monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure to prevent problems before they occur. This is because it’s in our best interest to keep your systems running smoothly – the less trouble you have, the less work we need to do.

Continual Support

With a fixed fee structure, IT support is available whenever your users need it without any additional cost. This consistent support is invaluable where any downtime can lead to lost revenue. This is preferable than current models where every call for support could be chargeable; this might discourage businesses from seeking help when needed, leading to minor issues becoming major problems over time.


While an ad-hoc IT support model might seem attractive initially due to its pay-as-you-go structure, it can result in unpredictable costs, more downtime, and potentially less attentive service. On the other hand, a fixed fee IT support model offers predictable costs, proactive service, constant support, and aligned incentives. Therefore, when considering the long-term health and success of your business, it’s clear why fixed fee IT support might be a superior choice.