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Serious 0-Day Exploit – [libwebp]

A critical security issue has recently been discovered in the technology used for displaying certain types of images on the internet. This flaw can make multiple software and apps you use every day vulnerable to hackers. Initially, experts thought this was only a problem for users of Google Chrome, but it turns out that the issue affects a wide range of software, including popular browsers like Firefox and Safari, as well as many other applications.

This vulnerability means that  attackers can use specially crafted image files to gain unauthorised access to your system and personal data. Fortunately, updates that fix this vulnerability are already available. Security is a priority for us, and if you are an RMM subscriber, we’re taking immediate action to ensure you’re protected.

Starting today, if you are an RMM Subscriber, we’ll be updating our patching tools to check for and apply security updates daily at 10:30 AM instead of every other day. Keeping software up-to-date is a key line of defence against hackers and so this approach will help safeguard your systems from potential threats more efficiently.

Customers that have opted out of our recommended RMM settings may not be protected – if you have any concerns or are not sure if this applies to you please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance