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3CX IP Phone Systems & Support

We provision 3CX IP phone systems and provide ongoing support and have done so for our customers since October 2020, adopting it ourselves in late 2022.

Pre-Sales FAQ

What is the timescale for installation of a new phone system?

Every site is different and so we can’t give firm timescales, however if you already have suitable infrastructure (e.g. sufficient and appropriate network cabling, network switches and a decent internet connection) we can give you some ball park estimates of how long installation will take.

After you give us the go ahead we will send you some forms to complete (e.g. user names, extensions, call flow design requirements, recording needs, ring groups etc).  Once we have that information back we can place the order and can typically get the platform up and running within two to four weeks, this includes getting any new desk phones you need pre-provisioned in our test lab. At this time we will also help you to submit a port request to get the numbers transferred to the new system.

Note that installation of the system could be dependent upon a new internet connection and timescales for this might be different.

Can I use the new system before my number port has completed?

Yes, the system can be used straight away with some caveats.

  • At first the system is associated with a temporary number which is completely transparent to callers.
  • The existing provider must agree to set up unconditional call forwarding from all your existing numbers to the temporary number.
  • You will need to keep paying for the outgoing phone system and any call diverts to the temporary number.
  • Any direct dial numbers you have will have to be treated like the main number – so any DDI calls will temporarily have to route via the main number.

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