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Desk Phones & Cordless Phones

While RingCentral can be used with a mobile or PC based application, most customers prefer the convenience of a physical phone on their desk. A RingCentral compatible PolyCom Desk Phone is easy to use while a RingCentral compatible Yealink cordless phone provides options for mobility.

Used Polycom VVX Desk Phones @ £59 + VAT

The VVX 410 / VVX 411 are fantastic desk phones but can be pretty expensive when bought direct from RingCentral. Rather than spending around £140 per handset we’d much rather you bought a factory refurbished model from us. Current pricing is £59 + VAT and we’ll include a 6 month replacement warranty. Expansion modules are available new or used but pricing fluctuates on these so please ask if you want an expansion module.


Yealink W56P with 1 – 4 DECT Handsets from £89 + VAT

The Yealink W56P is a RingCentral compatible phone that supports up to four handsets. The system comes with a DECT base that plugs into the network and a charging station for each handset. Note that while each handset can page internally only one handset per base can make an inbound out outbound call and so we generally recommend you go for a one or to handset base, unless you have a business case for more.

These are supplied new and direct from RingCentral at the following prices:

  • Yealink W56P with 1 Handset @ £89
  • Yealink W56P with 2 Handsets @ £149
  • Yealink W56P with 3 Handsets @ £299
  • Yealink W56P with 4 Handsets @ £379

Yealink R20U DECT Repeaters @ £109 + VAT

At some sites we have seen situations where the signal to the DECT handsets ‘drops off’. This is either due to distance from the base station or in many cases the materials used in construction of the building. We can work around these issues with a suitably positioned DECT repeater. We typically supply a Yealink RT20U DECT Repeater. Up to 5 repeaters can be installed to provide a ‘mesh’ of signal boost around a large area.