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Desktops & Laptops

HP Business Class Desktops & Laptops by IT\norwich

If you are looking for a business class desktop or laptop then check out our dedicated specification pages below. You’ll find all our systems are suitable for general office use while some are configured specifically for power users and high performance environments including 3D CAD/CAM. Buy a laptop or a PC from us and you can be sure you’ll be getting good hardware AND a good software platform your users can work with and that your business can grow with.  All new laptops and PC’s we ship will come with a minimum three year warranty along with faster SSD hard disks, late generation Intel processors and a minimum of 8GB RAM. Our refurbished models all include a money back guarantee.

HP Business Class Desktops

HP Business Class Laptops

Factory Refurbished Desktops & Laptops

A short history of our long experience with PC’s and Laptops.

Back in 1997 we started building our own range of “Apex Professional Workstations” aimed specifically at business customers. At a time when other suppliers were selling cheap custom systems we focused only on parts that were reliable in the long-term. Our PC’s were more expensive than you’d find elsewhere but lasted a lot longer and so were more cost effective in the long run. I think this general philosophy is why we’ve kept many of our customers for over 20 years.

ABOVE: An image from our web site in 1998 that shows the starting price point for a decent PC was around £800… that’s about the same now. Check out that 266Mhz processor! This PC would have had about 8MB RAM and a 540MB hard disk!

From 2001 we decided to standardise on Dell equipment as they offered quality hardware, built (at that time) to almost any specification, backed by a decent warranty. We continued to focus on Dell systems right through to late 2018 but have become so frustrated by Dell’s inability to offer customisable specifications or a decent discount. Combined with very long lead times on many models we decided to ramp down our Dell offerings.

After 18 years supplying Dell laptops and desktops we took the decision to start trialling HP hardware and for most of 2019 we have been offering a mixture of HP and Dell systems.  While we favoured Dell for their superb quality Latitude range of laptops, and HP for their PC’s we became frustrated with the very long lead times. A six week wait for a laptop is not ideal.

As of late 2019 we are now quoting only for HP Desktops or Laptops which offer the same levels of quality and warranty but with keener pricing and lead times. As a result, if you want to purchase a PC or laptop, you’ll be seeing more HP’s in our quotes and on our web site.

If you’d like a quote for something not listed or want some guidance please don’t hesitate to contact IT\norwich today.