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Dropsuite Business Backup, Archiving and Compliance Tools for Microsoft 365 Tenants

The Dropsuite tools we offer provide advanced cloud-based storage to protect and preserve your organisations Microsoft 365 data, closing the data protection gaps in Microsoft 365 that can mean data is accidentally deleted, held hostage by ransomware or corrupted by disgruntled employees.

An optional archiving and compliance add-on is available and is highly recommended for customers that may need to respond to GDPR subject access requests, FoIA information access requests, or may need to hold on to data for other compliance needs.

What is the difference between Email Backup and Email Archiving?

Many customers may not know the difference between email backup and email archiving, so before you decide which service you need, lets explore the differences:

Email Backup
Email backup is your short-term insurance policy to facilitate the quick recovery of email files that may not be readily available due to an unexpected data loss. Data loss can include accidental deletion of critical email files, a ransomware attack or losing access to emails due to accident, theft, or sabotage. With email backup, users can typically select a date in time and restore a copy of any email or a group of emails from a prior date in time. Dropsuite cloud based backup is cheap and fast to deploy, and scales easily to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

Email Archiving
Email archiving provides ongoing, rapid access to decades of business information (email files, attachments, calendars and tasks). For many companies in regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare or law firms, email archiving is required by law because it makes available the specialised tools for making email records tamper-proof, searchable and retrievable in the event of an audit, HR inquiry or lawsuit.

There are many more features included in email archiving than in email backup, such as:

  • Envelope journaling
  • Advanced search
  • Legal hold
  • eDiscovery
  • Audit trails
  • Customizable retention periods
  • Unlimited retention and more

To drive the point home – email archiving is an act of legal preservation, making searchable all email to/from an individual. In the event a company is audited or sued, archiving can help shine a “forensic light” on all content, as well as point of entries and exits. Though email compliance is burdensome, non-compliance can be catastrophic, especially for a smaller company that lacks the resources to instigate or endure lengthy audits or pay hefty fines for non compliance.

Dropsuite Business Backup

Dropsuite Business Backup for Microsoft 365 Tenants includes the following features:

  • Exchange Online Email Backup
  • OneDrive and SharePoint Data Backup
  • Teams Data Backup
  • Groups Data Backup
  • Calendars, Tasks, and Attachments Backup
  • Unlimited, Safe and Compliant Storage & Transmission 1
  • Insights Business Intelligence 2

For more detailed information about this service please also see

Dropsuite Business Backup and Archiving

Dropsuite Business Backup and Archiving for Microsoft 365 Tenants includes all of the features above, plus journaling-based email archiving tools for Exchange Online email to preserve, search, hold and comply with compliance regulations and privacy laws. Emails, attachments, calendar, tasks and related files are archived using envelope journaling, ensuring all assets are stored without fail. You can feel confident knowing your users emails are archived securely and are readily available should the need arise.

For more detailed information about this service please also see

Pricing Table

The service is charged for on a rolling monthly basis in advance. The first month is charged pro-rata to the end of a calendar month and thereafter charges apply on a calendar month basis. If you wish to terminate the service you just need to let us know in writing five working days before the end of a given calendar month. Note there is a one off setup fee of £95, ongoing support is provided on an ad-hoc or contract basis in accordance with a customers individual support agreement.

  • Dropsuite Business Backup is priced at £2.45 per mailbox per month.
  • Dropsuite Business Backup and Archiving is priced at £3.45 per mailbox per month.

Deployment Notes

While not all users in a given tenant have to have Dropsuite enabled, all users do have to have the same type of service (e.g. Backup or Backup & Archive). Also, it is not possible to ‘downgrade’ a subscription type, so you can start out with Dropsuite Business Backup and upgrade to Dropsuite Business Backup and Archiving however cannot change subscription in the other direction.

Other Notes

1 – Data is kept safe and in compliance with regulatory requirements that include GDPR, HIPAA, SOC, and more, through military-grade encryption that protects data in transit and at rest.

2 – The included Insights Business Intelligence is an advanced email analytics toolkit that uncovers buried Microsoft 365 email data and helps uncover actionable information quickly, turning complex and extensive email data into simple yet powerful reports, graphs and charts that help customers find issues and recommend improvements.