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Dynamic DNS Mapping Service

Service Announcement

The Dynamic DNS Mapping Service has now been formally added to our Service Catalogue. If you would like to obtain this service or need support on it, please contact us in the normal way.

Service Name

Dynamic DNS Mapping Service

Service Dates

This service was added to our service catalogue on 1st August 2021. We anticipate this to be a long term service offer.

Service Description

Our Dynamic DNS Mapping Service is useful for businesses that do not have a fixed IP address associated with their connection to the internet, but require access to a service ‘behind’ that connection using a consistent and user friendly name. Most typically this would be for VPN users but could also be for customers who have ports open for services such as CCTV or web servers.

A workaround using a dynamic DNS service such as those proved by DrayTek or other router manufacturer is possible; our Dynamic DNS Mapping Service  links such addresses to a consistent and user friendly subdomain on our domain.

Service Mandate

Some customers have to work using third party provided internet connections whose suppliers do not offer a fixed IP address and so this service has become necessary.

Service Features

Included Deliverables

  • Creation of a subdomain used solely for this service, e.g.
  • Editing the DNS record so the subdomain maps to your dynamic DNS service.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support in respect of this service.
  • Remapping DNS record to an alternative dynamic DNS provider as required.

Service Pricing

This service is priced at £12 setup fee plus £12 per year, excluding VAT.

Service Notes for Customers


This service is available for customers that already have a dynamic DNS service installed and configured on their router or inside their network. If you need one of those we can help with that too.

Other Notes

User Documentation and Links

This page was last updated 3rd July 2023 – A link was added to our DNS Propagation article.