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Remote IT Monitoring & Management

Help us to support and protect your computer network with our IT Monitoring & Management service for just £5 per computer per month –that’s just 16 pence per computer day!

Cheaper & Quicker Support with Remote Access

Our technicians can provide faster support at lower cost by viewing and controlling your computers from a remote location–we can even do this when your systems are unattended (1) . Remote Access greatly reduces the time it takes to diagnose or fix many of the issues your users experience and frequently avoids costly site fees.

Improved Security with Patch Management

The software installed on your systems becomes out of date over time and should be regularly patched to maintain security. Patch management software will search out applications (2) that need a software patch and will try to apply them without any user intervention-we’ll be alerted when patches fail and can even block patches if required.

Peace of Mind with Hourly & Daily Safety Checks

The ITMM software runs once per day safety check on each computer along with hourly checks that will flag up any major problems which are likely to affect security or interrupt your users ability to work. Do your systems have enough disk space? Are any hard disks reporting imminent failure? Are there any critical errors that indicate your system is being hacked? Our daily and hourly checks run silently in the background and will let us know if there’s a problem.

Always On Asset Tracking & Software Auditing

Your computer equipment ages over time and must be upgraded or replaced in order to work with modern software. Hardware audit features mean we get an accurate picture of your hardware without interrupting users and can make accurate recommendations about upgrades and renewals on a planned or on an as required basis.Each computer on your network can have dozens of software applications on them. Some will be mission critical, some maybe unnecessary, some could be a security threat –and in all cases the software may or may not be properly licenced (3). A software audit allows us to furnish you with a picture of what software you have at your site and will allow us to recommend actions based on the audit where instructed.

Enhance Your Security with Web Protection

An added layer of protection monitors connections between your network and the outside world–we can see what your users have been looking at online, block or allow specific web sites or block sites rated as risky or categorised as inappropriate.


1 –Unattended access is enabled by default. If you prefer us to disable this feature please let us know.
2 –Patch management works with many commonly installed programs, but not all software. Please ask for a list of what software can be patched automatically.
3 -The director of a company can be prosecuted for having unlicensed software on their systems and can be imprisoned for up to 10 years…It is the responsibility of the directors and/or business owner to maintain license compliance. SOURCE