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How we work…

We are a small but well established IT provider serving businesses, non-profits and professional individuals. We’re happy to do ‘one off’ work but like to build long term trading relationships based upon a mutual appreciation of our Purpose and Values.

RMM Subscriber Benefits

To encourage customers to stay with us over the long term we have a generous discount scheme that extends to any customer that takes up our Remote Monitoring and Management service. Taking up the service is typically cheaper that not taking it up and not befitting from the resulting discount.

Though it is not obligatory to get support, the RMM Subscription is considered a retainer fee and costs just £5 per PC per month or £10 per Server per month. If you are interested in getting support please review the benefits comparison below and then contact us using the New Customer enquiry form to start the ball rolling.

 Standard RatesRMM Subscriber Benefits
Labour Rates & Discount SchemeBasic labour rate of £53.50 + VAT per hour10% discount for all customers - £48.15 + VAT per hour
15% discount for customers with 5 PC's or less - £45.58 + VAT per hour
20% discount for non-profits & co-operatives - £42.80 + VAT per hour
Remote Support OptionsYes - Attended OnlyYes - Attended or Unattended
Other Support OptionsWorkshop based support.
Drop off or pickup and collect.
On-site support subject to agreed site fee.
Workshop based support.
Drop off or pickup and collect.
On-site support subject to agreed site fee, discounted as above.
Charge MethodPay upon completion of each job.Monthly billing cycle with 30 days to pay, subject to trading history.
WEEE DisposalYes - Per Item PricingYes - Per Item Pricing, discounted as above.
Support PriorityLow PriorityHigh Priority
Access To Ticketing SystemNoYes - On Request
Access To Email Hosting ServicesYesYes
Access To Cloud Backup ServicesYesYes
RMM Web Protection ServiceNoYes
RMM Patch Management ServiceNoYes

Are you running a non-profit like a charity or co-operative?

With our significant experience of supporting non-profits and a philosophy that you’ll find attractive, our additional discount scheme for charities and co-operatives is unique. Other charities in the area already benefit from discounted site visits, a 20% to 50% discount for labour charges on a sliding scale, and computer hardware and software on a cost price (or sometimes free!) basis. We are not quite ready to publish the full details yet but if you are running a non-profit please do contact us via the New Customer enquiry form and ask us for more details or call us for a chat.