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HP Business Class Laptops by IT\norwich

HP laptops come in a few broad ranges and are suitable for different markets. Note that the HP Pavilion / HP Spectre / HP Envy / HP Omen brands are for home users. We do not sell laptops to home users (unless they are running a business) and so we only focus on business laptops:

HP ProBook Laptops

The ProBook range of laptops let you work and travel in style with its thin and light, yet stylish and durable design. Get through your deadline-driven, multitasking day with visual and audio experience made for conferencing and security features to keep your private data secured wherever you go.

HP EliteBook Laptops

The HP EliteBook laptop family is HP’s most secure and manageable laptop, boasting end-to-end security and protection for those whose job involves dealing with sensitive and private information. The EliteBooks are specifically programmed to protect against threats like BIOS attacks, block malicious websites, and keep visual hackers out, while handling business applications with ease and speed. Some models in this range including the Elitebook x360 laptop is not only ultrathin and stunning, it comes with flexible hinge, edge-to-edge touchscreen display and five usage modes, while being fully equipped with HP’s security and manageability solutions that let you browse and work confidently on-the-go.

HP ZBook Mobile Workstations

HP ZBook mobile workstations are made for the most demanding workloads. Get seamless desktop experience in the laptop form with powerful processor, 3D graphics, ample memory and storage. Take on multimedia production jobs without any setback. Z Books are certified with leading software partners for fast performance when working with multiple applications and are a great workstation for creators and artists working in design and special effects industries who want a powerful machine, while having the option to work anywhere they want.

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For accessories like mice, laptop bags and docking stations please refer to the page shown below.

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