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Purpose and Values

IT\norwich is a business with a social aim. For over 24 years we have been serving customers throughout Norfolk from a platform of solid business values and social values.


Our purpose is:

  • To use, and encourage the further use of open, effective, and socially responsible technology solutions.
  • To run a sustainable, profitable business which delivers excellent service.

Business Values

Our business values are:

  • good will, care, and constant improvement,
  • honesty, openness, and consistency,
  • appreciation, good communication, and hard work,
  • fairness, respect, and attention to detail.

Social Values

Our social values are:

  • Encouraging privacy – by showing users how their data has become a target for large corporates and giving those users the tools to prevent their data leaking.
  • Educating users – by shining a light on the underlying agendas of tech companies.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders – to ensure we can work together in a mutually beneficial way. This includes staff, customers, business owners and suppliers.
  • Encouraging social responsibility – by encouraging and adopting socially responsible practices and discouraging actions which damage society in some way.
  • Promoting ethical services – which will put money into the hands of real people as opposed to large technology firms.
  • Supporting the right to repair – so repairs can be made at local level which is a data security issue as much as an economic, moral and environmental one.
  • Investigating and promoting alternatives – such as open source software, copyleft and so on.
  • Developing business relationships – and working with like-minded individuals and organisations.
  • Prioritising quality and longevity – including the sale of technology which works better for longer as opposed to cheap and cheerful alternatives which will quickly become obsolete.
  • Having a sustainable business model – so we can run at a profit, but in a way that supports stakeholders, and in the longer term, allows us to move to a co-operative model.

Stuart Drabble, Founder and Managing Director, July 2021.