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Rate Card

Ad-Hoc Labour Rates, Site Fees and RMM Subscriber Discount Scheme

These prices are effective for all support carried out from 1st January 2023.

Our labour rates and site fees are reviewed at the end of each year and are effective for all support provided in the subsequent year. All customers will pay our Standard Rate unless they take up our RMM Service. Such customers become “RMM Subscribers” and qualify for discounts depending upon the type and size of the organisation supported.

Most RMM Subscribers have a discount level of 10%, but sites with five or fewer computers qualify for a 15% discount and organisations that qualify for our Community Technology Programme receive a suite of benefits including discounts of 20% and 50% in some circumstances.

Standard Rates & BenefitsRMM Subscriber Rates & Benefits
Labour RatesStandard Rate
£64.00 + VAT per hour
RMM Subscriber Rate
10% discount for all RMM subscribers.
£57.60 + VAT per hour
10% Discount on Labour & FREE WEE Disposal

RMM Micro Subscriber Rate
15% discount for RMM subscribers with 5 PC's or less.
£54.40 + VAT per hour
15% Discount on Labour & FREE WEEE Disposal

RMM Community Technology Programme Rate
20% - 50% discount for non-profit & co-operative RMM subscribers.
£51.20 + VAT per hour
20% Discount on Labour & FREE WEEE Disposal
Remote Support OptionsYes - Attended OnlyYes - Attended or Unattended
Other Support OptionsWorkshop based support.
Drop off or pickup and collect.
On-site support subject to agreed site fee.
Workshop based support.
Drop off or pickup and collect.
On-site support subject to agreed site fee, discounted as above.
Charge MethodPay upon completion of each job.Month end billing cycle with 1 month to pay, subject to trading history.
Electronic Waste DisposalYes - Per Item PricingYes - Per Item Pricing, discounted as above.
Ticket PriorityLow Priority TicketsHigher Priority Tickets
Access To Ticketing SystemNoYes - On Request
Access To Email Hosting ServicesYesYes
Access To Cloud Backup ServicesYesYes
RMM Web Protection ServiceNoYes
RMM Patch Management ServiceNoYes
RMM Service Desk IconNoYes
RMM Hourly Monitoring ChecksNoYes
RMM Daily Safety ChecksNoYes
RMM Reboot Requirement ChecksNoYes
Web Site Uptime MonitoringNoYes

Further Notes

LABOUR: We charge in increments of 5 minutes at the rates shown above. Across all rates a multiplier of 1.5 is applied outside of office hours and a multiplier of 2.0 is applied for work during national bank holidays and all days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Note that all work performed upon or in respect of your IT system (including advice and consultancy, on-site support, remote support, workshop support, emails or calls in relation to support) are considered chargeable.

If you prefer to pay the same amount each month for support please also see our Fixed Fee Support page

SITE FEES: We charge a site fee very time we visit one of your sites, the fee being based upon distance from our office. The standard rates are shown below. For visits beyond 60 miles no site fee is chargeable but you’ll pay a minimum of 8 hours support.