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Electronic Waste Disposal

A pile of old computers and printers sitting on pallets ready for collection.
Waste equipment ready for collection.

We take the responsibility of electronic waste disposal very seriously and so when providing you with support we may remove items from your site that need to be disposed of in an appropriate way.

These are typically broken or end of life technology items such as desktops, laptops, servers and batteries.

We have an annual contract with a third party licenced waste carrier who collect, recycle and certify Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. They charge us based upon the volume and of waste collected and so we charge roughly according to the size of each item disposed of.

If you do not want us to dispose of your equipment in this way please make other arrangements and let us know what this is in writing.

To avoid a complex charge system we charge a flat fee per item disposed of as follows:

Category 0 –Free Disposal

Category 0 items are not charged for and include small items including cables, adapters, mice, keyboards, headsets, mobile phones, hard disks and so on.

Category 1 –£5 per item.

Category 1 items include small or thin items that do not fit into the category above and includes flatbed scanners, speakers, mini PC’s, desk phones  and so on.

Category 2 –£10 per item.

Category 2 items include small printers (inkjet or laser), desktop or mini tower computers and flat panel screens of any size.

Category 3 –£15 per item.

Category 3 items include medium sized printers, typically including desktop MFD’s, servers and CRT screens.

Category 4 – £ POA

Very large items such as floor standing printer / copiers may require a dedicated collection and this will be quoted for on a per item basis.


Although the disposal of some items is free or has a charge, there may be costs related to data wiping (e.g. hard disks) or factory resetting (e.g. mobile phones) and in such cases a separate charge might apply.