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Remote Support Service

At IT Norwich Ltd we use a mixture of tools so that we can access your  computer systems remotely.

Attended Remote Support Software

Attended remote support software allows our staff to connect to your users computer in order to remotely control, diagnose and fix issues the user may be experiencing. The attended element means that the user needs to be present to allow the technician to access their computer. This type of remote support typically requires a small software tool to be installed or run each time support is needed and is typically used for immediate issue resolution; it can  also be used to provide training and support to users who may be unfamiliar with certain software or applications. This option is available to all customers.

Unattended Remote Support Software

Unattended remote support delivers the same sort of features but can also allow our engineers to access a user’s computer without any user being present, i.e. when the computer is unattended. This is typically done using a software agent that is installed on the user’s computer that allows the technician to connect remotely when needed. This type of remote support tool makes it easier for us to support your users and means work can be undertaken without disturbing a user (e.g. at lunchtimes or out of office hours). Of course this software is essential for servers, display computers or other systems that are not typically used by a member of staff. This option is available ONLY to RMM Subscribers (LINK TO