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RingCentral Case Studies @ IT\norwich

RingCentral has been on our radar since 2014 and part of our Service Catalogue since 2016. From September 2019 we are now official RingCentral Partners and the case studies below are examples of how we’ve helped businesses throughout Norfolk to migrate from costly hardware based PBX systems to cloud based telephony.

Emergency Phone Systems

Our first exposure to RingCentral was in 2014  was when one of our customers had their phone lines accidentally disconnected by their phone provider, Daisy Communications. Daisy initially told us the lines would be down for two weeks, and our customer was set to lose around £15,000 per day in lost revenue. We stepped in with a RingCentral system in a matter of hours and were able to make sure the phones (and the tills) kept ringing while Daisy resolved their mistake. (Needless to say we’re not a fan of Daisy).

Small Business Moves

Our second system implementation in 2016 was for a customer in Norfolk who were moving offices a few miles down the road. The number of lines the customer required at the new site was going to be an unknown quantity, and the customer had been quoted thousands of pounds for installation of a new PBX. We stepped in with a RingCentral alternative which had a much lower setup cost and was flexible in terms of how many lines were required. As of 2019 the customer continues to grow with this system and if they move again they will simply pick up and move their phones to another site with no downtime and no significant cost.

Short Notice Office Moves

One of our largest and most recent implementations was for a local charity who needed to do some quick and easy office moves. This particular customer was tied to an ancient PBX  which was located in a building on their site that was no longer fit for purpose and supported by a retired phone engineer!  With many phone extensions and just a few phone lines users often had to wait until a line was free so they could make or receive a call. This particular customer has been brought into the 21st century and now has a phone system which has allowed them to move their offices to a more suitable location and improve collaboration between remote sites. This particular charity has sites in Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn and Norwich and all of these sites are now on the same phone system.

We use it @ IT\norwich!

Some of our customers will remember when in 2015 we moved our offices only to find BT could not move our phone lines. We were without our own phone line and internet connection for around 5 months. To workaround this problem we managed to piggy back a neighbours internet connection. Although the connection was very poor, we were able to get RingCentral up and running. The RingCentral system was key to us being able to communicate with our customers. We’ve since moved again to our current site at Burton Road in Norwich and we quite literally just picked up the phones and moved them.