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What is RMM Web Protection?

Almost all of our customers rely on a software based antivirus and firewall package for network security. This is an essential part of network security but it is very much a reactive system and is very often the only line of defence your users have against malware, viruses and other security threats.

In having RMM Web Protection on your systems, you’ll get an additional transparent layer of protection that prevents your users from reaching malicious or inappropriate content in the first place. RMM Web Protection proactively prevents users from visiting web sites that are considered a security risk, or web sites that could result in staff productivity loss.

Our RMM reporting tools can let you to see what sort of sites your users have been looking at online, block or allow specific web sites or all sites rated as risky or categorised as inappropriate. Certain sites can be allowed only during certain times of day (e.g. to allow staff access to Facebook at lunchtime only) but blocked during work hours.


Below, we see this customers web protection has silently blocked malware sites on most days, peaking on 14th October 2021.
This data is blocked even before it reaches the computer and can be traced to specific computers if required.


Something on the customers computer has tried and failed to reach malicious web sites 81 times…
….RMM Web Protection blocked every one.


It’s not just malicious web sites that pose a risk.  Some web sites can and should be blocked based upon category…
…unless you want your members of staff hunting for pornography while they are at work?


We can block web sites according to category and subcategory…



And even when the site is blocked we can pop up a message just in case there is a “false positive”:


The RMM Web Protection was formerly available to our RMM Subscribers as an optional extra, but from January 2022 this service will become included as part of all active RMM subscriptions. For more details please review the How we Work page and the the RMM Service page, or contact us in the usual way.