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End of an Era – Adobe Flash End of Life

It has been pretty well publicised that Adobe Flash is now end of life, with support being withdrawn at the end of 2020 and flash actually being blocked from running beginning January 12th 2021. With immediate effect we’ll be removing Adobe Flash from all systems we support on an ongoing basis; we expect the impact of this it be pretty low. For further details about Adobe Flash End Of Life please visit this page.

StreamCatcher Capture Software Issue 12-01-2021

We have now seen one issue where the StreamCatcher software bundled with certain StarTech video capture devices has stopped working. It turns out that StreamCatcher relies on Adobe Flash to run and so when StreamCatcher loads it simply gets blocked and stops working. There is no fix but the nice chaps at StarTech pointed us to OBS Studio. If you go on to use this software please make a donation here so that you can support the project.