What We Do

We’re your one stop shop for everything IT.

On a daily basis we serve over 300 customers of various shapes and sizes – from home based sole traders, non-profits with volunteers and no staff or office, to Town Councils and multi site organisations with over 50 users. Our team can handle all of the elements an organisation might need from their IT system.

What services do you offer?

“I could give you a very long list of what we do, but would probably forget something. When I hear my boss talking to new customers he’ll say ‘Within reason we’ll do whatever you need us to do. If it can be done by sitting down in front of a computer, and you want it done, we’ll do it.‘ I think this is his way of saying we are here to help with whatever you need.”

Have you got IT yet?

All these services and more are just a phone call away! Complete our enquiry form to set up a free and no obligation chat – we could be helping you sooner than you think!

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