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Service Desk Portal

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Our new Service Desk Portal is now live for all customers, visit the portal using the link above or learn more below.


The Service Desk Portal is available 24 hours a day, every day and is designed to empower users by making the IT support experience simple. Although you do not have to use the Service Desk Portal to get support, all of the users we support will have an account on it and so we recommend you try it out to benefit from these features:

  • Ticketing – Report faults or request changes with the ticketing features.
  • Information – View your previously closed tickets or – if you are a manager – those of all users inside your organisation.
  • Assets – Inspect a list of assets at your site including desktops, laptops, servers and more.
  • Knowledge – Search for and view articles that might help you self-solve issues.
  • AI Powered Support – Use our AI chatbot and see if it can point you in the right direction.

Logging On and Account Requirements

You can use the Service Desk Portal once we have emailed you a login invitation and you have created a password. Please make sure the password is both strong and secret.

To maintain high standards of data privacy and security we now require that each user has their own unique email address for the purposes of communication with us.

We do not add users that have a generic email address such as info@ to our Service Desk Portal.

Where customers are unwilling to give users their own email mailbox we can perform a workaround* by using email aliases on another mailbox.

Employees or other organisational staff or volunteers please note – the directors or management team in your organisation you work for are likely to be granted access to any data you provide via the portal so please bear this in mind when communicating with us.

*This workaround is likely to cause delays during the ticket creation process as it may be harder to identify who raised a given ticket. Comments or notes emailed to such users may contain private or sensitive data which are then likely to be seen by other users; this is likely to compromise the security of your organisation. We implement this workaround only on the understanding that your organisation accepts  this lowering of standards and that we may withdraw this option at any time.

Sending us Passwords

Never share passwords via the Service Desk Portal and never send them by email; contravening this guidance might mean we have to change your passwords to protect your organisations systems. If you must send a password please phone us or better still do so using a tool such as One Time Secret or Password Pusher If you need training on these please let us know.

When using these services the “secret” that you share should contain only the essential information like the password itself. Don’t include any personal information that could potentially identify you, the recipient, or link the password to a specific account. You should share the purpose of the password (e.g. which account it’s for) through another means such as the Service Desk Portal.

The Service Desk Icon

We recommend you add this page to your browsers bookmarks, though if your organisation has a support agreement in place you will be able to access it directly from your computer.

The lifesaver icon will be a black and white or orange and white lifesaver icon near the clock on your computer (the colour depends upon your colour scheme). Just right click on the icon and a menu will appear.

At the top of the menu you’ll see our phone number and below that you’ll find a link to this page or can use the Email the service desk link provided.



Splashtop SOS Remote Support

If you do not have our RMM service,  but require remote support for your Microsoft Windows based PC, please click on the image below to download our attended remote support  tool, Splashtop SOS. Downloading and running this software and then giving us the nine digit access code will allow our agents to access your computer remotely on a one-time basis only.

The software will download to your downloads folder but you must run the downloaded software to generate a nine digit code as shown below.