IT for Charities

Empowering Your Charity with Trusted IT Solutions

When you choose IT Norwich Ltd as the IT partner for your charity, you’ll find a team that truly understands your unique needs, provides valuable and practical guidance, and delivers a reliable IT infrastructure.

We take pride in offering specialised support through our Community Technology Programme tailored specifically to benefit charities. In addressing your requirements, we go beyond reliability and security; we also prioritise sustainability and long-term cost-effectiveness. Our approach ensures fairness and sustained value for all stakeholders, perfectly aligning with your mission.

This commitment extends beyond initial planning and deployment; it includes comprehensive training, continuous support, and effective management. It’s this strategic approach, coupled with the advantages of our Community Technology Programme, that ensures your evolving needs are met at every stage of the IT lifecycle. We are dedicated to fostering a responsible and future-focused partnership that empowers your charity to thrive.

Why do you think we’re focussing on charities?

“I love my job, but find it far more rewarding to help people that are delivering for our community where government is failing miserably. I wish there wasn’t a need for charity, but as long as they exist I want to help level the playing field.”

Is your charity ready to partner with us?

If your registered charity needs a new IT partner we’ll be delighted to hear from you. Take a look at What We Do or complete our enquiry form to set up a free and no obligation chat – the search might soon be over.

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