Local Government

Supporting Town and Parish Councils in Norfolk

In addressing the needs of local government, we prioritise not only reliability and security but also sustainability and fiscal responsibility. Our approach is grounded in fairness and long-term value for the community and stakeholders. This commitment goes beyond initial scoping and deployment; it includes extensive training, continuous support, and efficient management. Our strategy is designed to meet the dynamic needs of local government at every stage of the IT lifecycle, fostering a partnership that’s accountable, transparent, and future-oriented.

What do you do for local government?

“Well, my boss is an elected councillor and so he understands the relationship between the Clerk and the Councillors. It’s pretty unique because the Councillors have to make the decisions collectively but the Clerk is the one that implements them. At the same time we provide support for a Town Council which is pretty interesting. We have to be pretty switched on in terms of UK GDPR and I know my boss has volunteered his time to conduct FoIA reviews.”

Council Policy & Guidance Documents

Does you council lack IT policies, or perhaps like so many councils does it have old policies that have not been modernised and do not take account of IT best practice?

When you choose us as your Managed Service Partner we can help you to write policy documents that are modern and workable for us as IT providers too.

Our sample documentSetting Access Permissions on Council Mailboxes and Data is a good example of how we can help with policy and guidance that actually work for a modern council.

Does your local council need IT support?

We’re keen to hear from Parish or Town Councils that are looking for help. Take a look at What We Do or complete our enquiry form to set up a free and no obligation chat.

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