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COVID-19 Situation Report for IT Norwich Ltd Customers

This page was last updated on 23rd March 2020.

We are already working from our respective homes as much as possible. Our hours of operation and the way you contact us will not change but we will be restricting site visits as far as possible.

Prioritisation of Employee Distancing and Home Working

We expect to have a high volume of support calls in the next couple of weeks and so we will be prioritising customers with their employee distancing and home working requirements. All other non-urgent tickets will be delayed until further notice.

Restriction on Site Visits

We will not be making site visits unless absolutely essential, and where we do these visits will be limited, or outside of business hours. We do hold keys and alarm codes for some sites and if you think this would be beneficial for us to do so for your site please let us know.

To Raise a NEW Ticket…

Please raise a new ticket with us either by calling 01603 554000 or by emailing If you are reporting an issue about a specific computer, please quote the PC REFERENCE NUMBER of the affected computer and provide as much relevant information as possible.

To discuss an EXISTING ticket…

Each time you raise a ticket, we send you a New Ticket Notification which includes your ticket number. You should reply either to this New Ticket Notification OR any other email in respect of the SAME ticket number. Alternatively, you can call us on 01603 554000 but please quote your ticket number.


Over the weekend we established our home working setup and the first call came in at 08:10. Everything since than has been all about home working. We are expecting deliveries of laptops for multiple clients with the first batch arriving today. There are getting set up on our RMM system so we can start updates tonight and start deployment tomorrow. We are also working on employee distancing out of hours.