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COVID-19 Situation Report for IT Norwich Ltd Customers

This page was last updated on 12th January 2021

At time of writing the UK is into the third national lockdown.


While some customers have suffered a significant loss of business because they are in an industry that has been badly affected by the situation, other customers remain largely unaffected and many are investing (or have already invested) in solutions to make home working a significant part of their business on an occasional or ongoing basis. Many customers are somewhere in between. Though we are busy we are taking on new staff imminently and so have decide to start taking on new customers once more after we stopped doing so in 2020.

Flexible Home & Office Working

While much of our support can be provided from our respective homes, some support can only be undertaken in our workshop in Norwich. Some staff are now working at home full time, other staff come to the office, and other have flexibility to work where they need to. We have technology in place that means you can contact any of us, wherever we are, using our usual contact details.

On Site Visits

While lockdown is in place we will not be making site visits unless absolutely essential. Our staff have been issued with hand sanitiser and have been asked to wear masks as the situation requires it. Where visits are made they will be limited and hands-free where possible. We do hold keys and alarm codes for some sites and if you think this would be beneficial for us to do so for your site please let us know.