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Vade M365 – Extra Email Security for Microsoft 365 Mailboxes

About Vade for M365

Protect your organisation from email borne cyberattacks with Vade for M365.

  • Are your users accidentality opening and engaging with email threats?
  • Are your users receiving phishing or sophisticated spear-phishing emails?
  • Do you wish to protect your organisation from email borne malware and ransomware?
  • Are you finding that existing security layers are letting email threats reach your users?
  • Are your users being bombarded with junk emails which the basic Microsoft 365 system is not identifying?
  • Are emails such as newsletters and advertisements cluttering inboxes and affecting productivity?
  • Would you like users to receive occasional training on how to spot a phishing attack?

If you have answered yes to any one of these questions then your business should urgently consider Vade for M365.


An email from Threat Coach – free online training for staff.

An AI-based threat detection and response solution, Vade for M365 protects all of your Microsoft 365 mailboxes by blocking sophisticated phishing, ransomware, malware, and spear phishing attacks and as an added bonus can move emails that might kill user productivity into Junk Mail.

Designed for organisations of all sizes, Vade for M365 integrates simply with Microsoft 365 making it easy to get an extra layer of security. Vade for 365 classifies illegitimate emails into Malware, Phishing, Spear Phishing, Scam, Spam, Newsletters, Social Media, Purchase and Travel and acts upon them in according to an adjustable “Incident Response” that we agree when the service is set up.

If users receive the most dangerous types of phishing email, Vade Threat Coach automatically alerts users and gives them the opportunity to carry out training to help them recognise phishing attacks.

This service integrates directly with your Microsoft 365 mailbox and so there is no action required by you users and nothing new to learn. As part of the onboarding process we do tell users that junk email will now be more likely to go into their junk email folder, and will send them guidance on how to reclassify emails as junk or not junk using the existing tools in Microsoft Outlook that they are probably already familiar with.

Once the service is set up we will do a monthly check to ensure the service is working as expected and send you a monthly report that covers what threats have been detected or what ‘low priority’ emails have been received by your users.


A sample Low Priority Email report – are your users wasting time dealing with these emails?

Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it – Vade 365 is used by millions of users across the world and catches ten times more advanced threats that the Exchange Online Protection (EOP). See how these other organisations have benefited:

Pricing, Terms and Notice Period


Pricing for this service is very simple. There is a one-off setup fee starting at £99 (or £49 for non-profits and local government) plus a recurring cost per licenced mailbox per month. Unlicensed shared mailboxes (such as sales@) are also protected but are not charged for.

This service requires that the Global Administrator account we use to administer the system is licenced for email. If this account is not already licenced in this way we will have to apply a licence to the mailbox at a small additional cost, equivalent to the cost of a Microsoft 365 Business Basic subscription.

Vade Terms of Service

Use of the service is subject to the Vade Terms and Conditions of use. To see these terms CLICK HERE.  If you do not agree to these terms you must not use this service.

Notice Period

We charge for this service in arrears on a calendar month basis. If you wish to terminate this service please let us know by close of business on the 20th of any month. Once notice is received you will receive one further invoice to cover the costs of the service to the end of the calendar month in which the notice was given.


Microsoft 365 mailboxes include some email security features, why do I need anything else?

Microsoft 365 provides basic protections which are sufficient for the most common email threats, but it is known to be weak with sophisticated threats such as malware and phishing emails. Microsoft recommends adding third-party protection.

How is it different or better than Microsoft 365’s built-in security?

Microsoft 365 includes a free service called Exchange Online Protection (EOP) which removes a reasonable amount of spam and even some malware, but experience shows us this is less robust than any third-party solution. It is very good at catching known threats that have already been reported, but it does not do a good job of catching threats that are new.

Will I need to update my privacy policy as a result of having this service?

Under UKGDPR you must tell people about what personal data is stored, why it is stored, where it is stored, and who stores it. To support you in this we have provided the following information:

The Vade service can collect the following data which could include personal data:

  • E-mail addresses of all users of the solution.
  • E-mail addresses of all senders and recipients of all e-mails that are processed by the solution.
  • Technical characteristics, subject and contents of emails identified as “false positive” or “false negative” by the user.
  • Subject, links (or URLs), phone number and image links contained in all emails processed by the solution.

If you wish to include contact details for the host you can find them at

Will there be any disruption to users?

No. The solution is completely transparent. Your users will not be interrupted during setup and will never need to interact with the solution.

Do I need to train my users after installing your product?

No. Vade is transparent to end users, has no external quarantine, and requires no user training.

Does your product scan internal email?

Yes. Vade scans internal emails to protect from insider threats.

What if emails are misclassified?

You can click the “Report Message” button in Microsoft Outlook and select “Phishing, Junk, or “Not Junk”.

Does the solution read or store my business’s email?

No. The solution scans only meta data but does not read or store your email.

I only want this service for a few users, is that possible?

The Vade service is designed to protect all mailboxes licenced for email in the Microsoft Tenant, it cannot be applied only to individual mailboxes.

Will my shared mailboxes be protected too?

Yes all of your unlicensed shared mailboxes are protected free of charge. If for example you have fourteen users each with their own email address but also have three shared and unlicensed mailboxes such as sales@ or accounts@ and purchasing:@ – those shared mailboxes will still be protected by Vade but you will not be charged for them.

Will all new mailboxes be protected?

Yes, because the service integrates into your M365 tenant, new mailboxes are automatically protected. As user numbers fluctuate up or down the licence coast will vary accordingly.