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Registering a Domain Name

As we’ve alluded to in other parts of the web site (mainly on our page about Local Government and GDPR) it is best practice to have a domain name registered for your local parish or town council. As you might expect such domain names cannot be registered by just anyone – there is an application process to go through, full details of the application process can be found here: Domain Registration & Support Service

Although it is up to an individual council to apply for the domain name, the council can ask a third party IT provider such as IT Norwich to step in and help with the process and to provide ongoing domain management after the domain becomes active. Our service package for domains includes:

  • Helping you with the application process for a domain.
  • Registering the domain with an authorised registrar.
  • Hosting the nameservers for the domains DNS records using a provider that requires 2FA.
  • Designing the DNS record so that it fits your needs and applying this to the nameservers.

How much does a Domain Name cost?

To register a domain name via IT Norwich Ltd we charge an initial fee of £169 for the first two years and then £129 for each subsequent two year renewal. This pricing includes everything described above and unlike some providers there is no exit fee and so if you want your domain hosted elsewhere this can be organised at no further cost. Note these prices exclude VAT.

Optional Services on Domain Names

Once the domain is set up according to your needs we can provide these optional services:

If you are are running a parish council or town council and require our help, don’t’ hesitate to contact us now or complete this enquiry form.