Exciting News: 50% Discount on Proton Services for UK Non-profits

“50% off is an amazing and generous offer and one we’re proud to support..

The antidote to Microsoft and Google for Charities

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our Community Technology Programme specifically designed for charities based in Norfolk. We recently learned that Proton – the leading provider of ultra-secure and ultra-private ethical and open source email and collaboration platforms – are offering 50% discount to UK non-profits.

This 50% is a generous and amazing offer and one we’re proud to support.

Operated from Switzerland, Proton stands out for its enhanced security and privacy features, crucial for non-profits that handle sensitive information. While some charities might opt for Microsoft or Google based services we do have to flag up the considerable privacy problems with such providers:

  • When Microsoft admit to sharing your data (and most likely your service users, volunteers and staff data) with over 800 “partners” you can be pretty sure they are leaking data and making money by doing so (see Outlook is Microsoft’s new data collection service).
  • Google are no better – they make money when you use their systems and are trying to redefine privacy as “no one can track your data — except us”. (See Google brings privacy washing to Android).

In placing your business with such large US tech firms, you are allowing them considerable freedom to access and use your data: information you hold on other people is being shared with these large tech firms and their “partners” without explicit consent from the data subject.

Fortunately, we have organisations like Proton that simply get on with the job, providing an honest, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin style service.

Highlighting this offer aligns with our commitment to empower non-profits through technology. By integrating Proton’s secure email and collaboration services, we can provide not-for-profits the tools they need to operate efficiently and securely, freeing them to focus more on their core mission.

We encourage all eligible organisations to take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance their operational security and efficiency. If you are just browsing, go straight to Proton to learn some more, or if you need advice or help getting this deployed please contact us today.

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