FireSwitch – Cloud Hosted IP Phones for Small Systems

This FireSwitch IP Phone System is simple to setup and manage, so the upfront costs are relatively low when compared with other systems. The “per extension” pricing model means it is best suited to smaller businesses and charities that need up to 10 extensions.

If you have an organisation that requires 10 or more extensions, it could be more cost effective to look at our 3CX Platform as a Service.

Why FireSwitch?

FireSwitch is a highly scalable, hosted IP telephony system that includes all the features a small organisation needs at a price that is hard to beat. Alongside low monthly charges we also offer a fixed fee price for on-site setup, user training, and implementation support. FireSwitch Features Include:

  • Use physical desk phones or cordless phones – rented or purchased outright – whatever fits your needs.
  • Use software phones (on laptop or PC) and mobile apps as well as or instead of physical phones.
  • Improve call flow with a digital receptionist: “Press 1 for the sales team, 2 for accounts, 3 for …”
  • Entertain and inform waiting callers with customisable music on hold.
  • Enjoy the best call quality when using a voice assisted connection.
  • Each extension or department can have their own voicemail.
  • Have voicemails delivered to users by email.
  • Add extensions whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Save costs by linking multiple sites together which operate as one.
  • Have calls recorded “for training and quality purposes” – an optional extra.
  • Keep your existing numbers or add new ones from any geographic location.
  • Get to calls quicker with call twinning – ring an extension and mobile simultaneously.
  • Make call management & routing easier with call transfer, forward, hold, park and pickup.
  • Improve caller experience in complex situations or call handover with conference call features.
  • After setup, the system can be self-administered (i.e. by you) or fully administered by IT Norwich Limited.

Why IT\norwich?

Phone systems are very much now an IT function. They run over the same cables, need the same infrastructure, and can closely integrate with your desktops and laptops; you no longer need a specialist phone provider to meet your needs and so it makes sense to have your phone systems deployed and run by the same people that run your computer systems – especially as users come and go.

Required Infrastructure

Like all modern phone systems, this is an “IP Phone” service which works over your internal network and internet connection. We may be able to use your existing connection and router, but for best results can recommend a voice assisted connection and business grade router to ensure high “Quality of Service” (QoS). We may quote you separately for this.

Unlike many providers we do not insist you purchase a separate internet connection just for the phone system – this is rarely necessary but something we can discuss if you are concerned about call quality or redundancy.

SIP Trunks

A “SIP Trunk” is a digital version of a traditional phone line. For example, having two SIP Trunks allows you to have two calls in place at the same time. Simply let us know how many SIP trunks you need and we’ll organise it.


Extensions are typically assigned to a specific person (wherever they are) or a specific physical location such as a meeting room or reception desk. Each one attracts a monthly fee.

Take Calls Anywhere

Extensions can have a number of desk phones or software phones and apps associated with it, you can mix and match as required but we tend to see these scenarios:

  • A location-based extension such as a meeting room or reception desk will typically have a desk phone.
  • An office-bound staff member might just have a phone on their desk or use a software phone and a corded or cordless headset.
  • A manager or director may have a phone in the office and at home and may also use software on a laptop and use the mobile phone app.

Desk Phones

A desk phone is still the most popular choice for most users.

Cordless Phones

A DECT cordless is great for office users on the move.

Software Phones

Use a PC based software phone with a headset.

Mobile App

Even install the app on a mobile.

Buy or Rent Handsets

Physical handsets can be purchased outright, or rented. If you rent for 3 years the handsets will become yours!

Number Porting & Hosting

Most customers already have one or more phone numbers which they may need moved to a new system, this process is called “number porting” and we will help you with this process at no extra cost.

Setup, User Training & Implementation Support

The system is relatively easy to set up, so (assuming your network has sufficient Ethernet sockets and infrastructure in place) we charge a flat fee to set everything up. This includes setup, testing, support with number porting, on-site installation of phone handsets and on-site training in use of the handsets and apps. We’ll even provide “implementation support” for two weeks from go-live date so we can tweak it according to your needs.

Ongoing Maintenance & Administration

This platform does not require any ongoing maintenance to run once it is set up – this is all handled by the upstream provider. Certain administration tasks (such as adding or removing users, configuring new extensions, resetting passwords etc) will need to be undertaken. You can manage the system yourself however we recommend you receive this service from us as part of an IT support arrangement. We recommend a Block Hours Support Agreement that can be used for this purpose, more details are available here.

Optional Features

This system supports optional features such as call recording, fax to email, CLI billing, and call bundle options.

No Lengthy Contracts

Our standard contract term is just 12 whole calendar months, during which time the price is fixed. After 12 months the contract reverts to a rolling monthly service. Extensions may be added over time (a small surcharge applies) but the contract period does not change. Extensions may not be removed in the contract period.

Community Technology Programme Discount

Did you know we run a Community Technology Programme which includes a package of benefits aimed specifically at Norfolk based charities and local councils?

This is a qualifying service – if you are on the programme already you’ll receive a discount of £100 off the setup fees, or if you join the program when you order the service you’ll get a discount of £200!

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