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Community Technology Programme

Our Community Technology Programme includes a package of benefits aimed specifically at Norfolk based non-profits, worker co-operatives and unincorporated associations with a community focus. The programme includes these benefits:

  • An immediate 50% off all call-out charges.
  • An immediate 20% discount on all labour charges.
  • An immediate 25% discount on all cloud backup solutions.
  • An immediate 50% discount on setup fees for Vade for M365
  • After 12 months, a 50% discount on labour charges above and beyond an agreed labour cap.
  • Sourcing FREE computers and equipment from our donor stock, where available.
  • Completely FREE electronic waste disposal for most items.
  • Attendance of FREE IT strategy meetings with managers or trustees where required.
  • Provisioning FREE Microsoft 365 / Google G Suite / Workspace subscriptions for qualifying organisations.
  • Provisioning DISCOUNTED LastPass subscriptions for qualifying organisations.

Our experience with the non-profit sector extends to:

  • Implementing policies to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.
  • Providing prioritised, pragmatic roadmaps to the executive and trustee level.
  • Improving internal communications by implementing on or off premise Intranet servers.
  • Saving costs and increasing public benefit by encouraging the use of open source software.
  • Highlighting which parts of the organisation need attention first by auditing out of date systems.
  • Being a stabilising presence throughout the life of a charity or organisation as CEO’s, staff, trustees and volunteers come and go.
  • Encouraging basic best practice for social media accounts and platforms with support to fundraising and marketing teams.
  • Adhering to the principles of Cyber Essentials compliance by implementing and maintaining customised policies and support schedules.
  • Saving costs and improving communications by migrating away from legacy phone systems.
  • Providing under-funded charities with a stable IT platform with the provision of donated or low cost equipment.
  • Prioritising support calls from staff, volunteers and service users within budgetary constraints with an effective Service Desk.
  • Providing secure and safe ‘flood wireless’ suitable for staff, volunteers and service users which is reliable and easy to manage.

Does your organisation qualify?

  • Are you running a non-profit that is listed on the charities commission web site?
  • Are you running a worker co-operative that is registered as a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society?
  • Are you running an unincorporated association with a community focus?
  • Is our organisation located within a 60 minute drive of Norwich?
  • Will you be prepared to subscribe to our RMM service from £5 per month, the platform we use to support all customers?

Provided you can answer yes to three of these questions, then your organisation is likely to qualify for the benefits discussed on this page… for a no obligation chat please either call us on 01603 554000 or use our New Customer Enquiry Form to send us details about you and your organisations needs.